Our Paint Correction Brisbane service corrects major paint defects and enhances the visual appearance of vehicle and marine bodywork. This service is ideal for restoring poorly presented paintwork which has acquired light scratches and/or heavy swirl marks over time. 

The restoration process includes multi-stage machine polishing to remove a small amount of the upper layer of paint. We take time and care to ensure that minimal surface paint is removed (only enough to achieve the desired result). Depending on the degree of paint damage and size of the vehicle, our procedure typically takes from 5 to 40 hours, meaning that the treatment is spread over one to five days. The result reveals a fresh layer of untarnished paint which restores the visual appeal of the bodywork.

Our paint correction services can even be performed on vehicles which have previously had coatings applied, which are intended to be scratch and swirl resistant.

Crystal Clear paintwork revealing the metallic flakes after paint correction

Crystal Clear paintwork revealing the metallic flakes after paint correction

Paint Correction: the details

Paint Correction is the process of abrasively evening out or polishing the paint’s clear coat to restore depth and clarity. Generally, only a few microns of clear coat are removed (paintwork is generally 120-180 microns thick, including the primer/undercoat). In most cases, swirl marks, holograms, minor scratches and buffing trails are completely removed from the paint’s surface. We can even treat vehicles with newer, harder clear coats and ceramic coatings.

This treatment is also used to restore faded or dull paintwork back to its original glory, as the new-look sheen reflects light away from the newly re-levelled and un-oxidised surface.

Customers who have used this service often liken the results to a full respray, but with less inconvenience and at a fraction of the cost. Many people have even commented that the paintwork looks better than it was when new.

Please note that we don’t offer this as a mobile service; you need to bring your vehicle to our Burpengary premises for this service as paint correction must be performed in a contaminant-free, controlled indoor environment with correct lighting. Rest assured your vehicle will be safely locked in the workshop if the service takes longer than one day.

Cut and Polish verses Paint Correction

Cut and Polishing traditionally removes up to 75% of paint surface defects. Paint correction uses similar polishing compounds but combines advanced techniques and equipment to increase the success of defect removal by up to 95% where safe to do so.

Paint technology has also become more advanced over the last decade, meaning that traditional cut and polishing methods once used with conventional flat paint colours and 2-Pak acrylic paints are no longer the best way to go.

As cars have become more sophisticated, so have the tools and methods to provide a flawless finish. With many different vehicle makes and models comes a variety of paintwork, so it is wise to choose a company who has experience in handling and nurturing all types of paint surfaces.

In-depth Consultation

The condition of paintwork can vary considerably from vehicle to vehicle. Therefore, we treat every paint correction project differently to ensure that each vehicle gets the exact treatments needed. Every paint surface to be corrected is carefully measured using a paint depth gauge to determine how much paint or clear coat is on the vehicle to achieve the desired results.

Unlike other car detailing companies, you won’t find any cookie-cutter polishing packages here. Instead, we view every job to ensure that you will get the best price for what is needed, which guarantees that you will be happy with the results.

When you choose Impera Detailing for your paint correction, we go the extra mile by explaining the best at-home cleaning techniques to you. This ensures that you don’t introduce new swirl marks or light scratches once the paint surface has been corrected, keeping your vehicle looking newer for longer and saving you money.

Please feel free to contact us on 0410664834 to discuss your needs. If you would like us to provide you with a competitive and no-obligation quote, please email photos of your vehicle to We’ll provide you with a quote within 24 hours.

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