Gtechniq Crystal Serum Paint Protection

Protecting the paintwork of your vehicle is where Gtechniq’s products are a cut above the rest. Gtechniq’s highly advanced formula is based on Smart Surface Science which has been refined over more than a decade. Gtechniq Crystal Serum gives your car paint a ceramic shield which reduces the chance of paint fading, while ensuring a high-gloss showroom finish is maintained for years to come.

 Advanced nanotechnology enables the Crystal Serum coatings which bonds to your car’s paintwork, allowing it to become a functional surface which resists swirls and light scratching caused by improper cleaning techniques. The Gtechniq coatings also gives unrivalled UV protection, dirt repellence and paint damage caused by tree sap and bird droppings.

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Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum range is like no other products due to its technologically advanced chemical composition. The Crystal Serum range offers superior paint protection with industry leading durability, revolutionary levels of gloss and chemical resistance. Due to its 10H-level strength, Crystal Serum Ultra provides the ultimate in ceramic paint protection while displaying the same slick gloss finish that you get from some of the best carnauba waxes. However, unlike waxes, this paint protection lasts for many years – guaranteed!

  • No future polishing or waxing required

  • Improved resale value

  • Permanent protection – lasts years not months

Crystal Serum Products

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