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At Impera Detailing we take pride in what we do and pride ourselves on attention to detail. We are well-known for putting customers first and delivering amazing results. Our mobile car cleaning Brisbane services cater for small to large cars, and we also provide detailing services for boats, trucks, motorbikes and entire vehicle fleets.

Our mobile car wash and vacuum Services includes the following:

  • All carpet and fabric vacuumed.

  •  Interior is then blown out using compressed air to free any embedded dirt and debris.

  •  The interior is completely wiped down using quality cleaners and soft brushes.

  •  All interior glass cleaned.

  •  All door jambs cleaned.

  •  Wheels decontaminated and cleaned using iron and fallout removers and wheel specific brushes to break down and remove brake dust and dirt.

  • Wheel wells cleaned and pressure rinsed.

  • Exterior is given a preliminary pressure rinse to remove loose particles.

  • Exterior surfaces are covered with a pH neutral snow foam to pre-clean and loosen embedded particles, so contaminants can be safely rinsed away to reduce any scratching or marring from a hand wash.

  • Next, a second pressure rinse is carried out to remove all soap and further reduce dirt and grime.

  • The vehicle is washed using two buckets and plush, microfibre wash mitts. The first bucket contains PH neutral soap, the other contains fresh clean water for rinsing the wash mitt with a grit guard in the bottom of the bucket to avoid cross-contamination and picking up the dirt again and placing back on to the vehicles’ surface.

  • A final rinse to remove all soap from every crevice of the vehicle.

  • The vehicle is dried using quality microfibre towels.

  • All exterior glass is cleaned.

Mobile Car Washing and vacuum services

start from $120* (1-2 hours)
*Prices are quoted on work required and the size of the vehicle. Extra charges may be incurred where the vehicle has been subjected to heavy soiling, pet hair, mud and sand. Additional charges for large vehicles such as 4WDs and Vans.

Optional extras include:

  • Iron and tar removal from paintwork either chemically or mechanically treated (clay bar) +$40

  • Engine bay +$70

  • Exterior paintwork sealant +$70

  • Interior deep clean (inc leather, shampoo) +$150


We are a professional mobile car detailing company servicing Brisbane’s northside up to Caloundra. Our fully equipped van has its our own power and water, meaning that our car cleaning services can truly be done anytime and anywhere.

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