Gtechniq Fabric protection

Impera detailing uses and recommends the Gtecniq line of fabric protection products.

Gtechniq Smart fabric

Gtechinq’s I1 Smart fabric protectant is perfect for protecting all kinds of interior fabrics from oil-based liquids and water stains including coffee, food, soft drinks, kids’ greasy fingers and much more.

 The advanced formula of Gtechniq I1 is unlike regular fabric protectants in that it causes the nano particles of the fabric to bond with Gtechniq I1 coating. The result is a virtually waterproof or ‘hydrophobic’ surface that resists stains, liquids and dirt from penetrating the fabric.

Being an alcohol-based formula, it ensures a much deeper penetration of the active protectant ingredient, which gives the treated surface much better durability and overall performance, while not affecting the breathability or feel of the treated fabrics. Typically, surfaces treated with Gtechniq I1 will outlast conventional water-repellent fabric coatings by a factor of up to five times.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Zero staining - wine, grease, coffee, etc. is repelled and beads off the treated surface.

  • Gtechniq I1 formula individually coats each fabric fibre for maximum protection.

  • Texture of treated fabric remains unaffected – feel and breathability is unchanged.

  • Treatments on interior fabric surfaces remain protected for up to three years.

  • BioCote® anti-microbial technology has been added to the formula to kill 99.9% of bacteria on treated surfaces.

  • Ideal for treating convertible roofs with protection lasting up to three years.

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