Gtechniq Plastics and Vinyl protection

Impera detailing uses and recommends the Gtechniq line of plastics and vinyl protection products.

C6 AB Matte Dash

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C6 AB Matte Dash has been specifically designed by Gtechniq to protect your car’s dashboard and door trim surfaces including plastics, vinyl and rubberised finishes.

Surfaces treated with CB AB Matte Dash have a higher abrasion resistance as they become more resistant to water, dirt particles, static and UV rays. The gloss finish of your car’s trim will not be affected as treatments does not change the natural look and feel. The days of shiny and greasy, inferior Armorall general purpose trim protectants are behind us thanks to advances in technology.

Gtechniq’s C6 AB Matte Dash protectant contains BioCote® antimicrobial technology, which has been proven to kill 99.9 of surface bacteria, so germs and smells can be a thing of the past.

Features and Benefits:

  • Eliminates odors whilst killing 99.9% of surface bacteria

  • Repels grime and dirt as well as protecting surfaces from harmful UV-rays

  • Treated surface become hydrophobic (moisture and water repelling)

  • Provides a protective layer which reduces the chance of scratches

  • Leaves a natural feel and satin finish to treated surfaces


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